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The Williamson County Republican Women work hard to flex our strength and influence the election of Republicans.  Volunteer Hours measure the influence of Republican Women in the election process.  TFRW and each club deserve recognition for the tremendous contributions they make toward getting Republicans elected!  This measure is demonstrated in the enormous number of hours our members volunteer to the process.

WCRW members should submit any volunteer hours to the Campaign Activities Chair quarterly.  Examples of volunteer hours include any time spent fulfilling any of the following positions:

  • Precinct Chair
  • State or County Party Official
  • Local, State, or National Campaign Management School Attendance
  • Poll Watcher
  • Election or Alternate Judge
  • Election Clerk or Official
  • Precinct Convention Participant
  • County, State, or National Convention Delegate

Campaign Work Hours can be submitted including:

  • Work at home, mailings, phoning, posters, clerical, cooking, etc.
  • Work at or for a special event (but not as a guest)
  • Attendance at (travel to) Federation Board Meetings/Conventions as well as school board
  • Political work while at Federation meetings
  • Travel time between events
  • Volunteering at any county, state, or Federation HQ
  • Volunteering for a Republican candidate for a non-partisan office such as school board
  • Presenting political programs or speeches at local civic clubs
  • Running for office – all time spent campaigning
  • Campaign sign preparation, distribution, and removal
  • Volunteering for a Republican candidate in any capacity
  • Voter Registrar
  • GOTV (“Get Out The Vote”) participant

All Caring for America Hours can be submitted as well.

Volunteer Hours submitted are used to determine club awards.  Campaign Activities Awards are presented at the TFRW Convention.

The Campaign Activities Chair is responsible for tracking member activities and submitting the hours to TFRW.

Members can report any Volunteer Hours using these forms.  Please submit quarterly to the Campaign Activities Chair.

2013 Campaign Activities Chair: Lisa Messana, campaign AT wilcorw DOT org