President’s Message 2016-03-21T20:20:25+00:00

I am honored to be the President of the Williamson County Republican Women (WCRW).  I will do my best to continue the great work that this Club has been doing for many years.  In this very important election year, Republican Women of the WCRW will be there to volunteer and elect the very best candidates.  And 2016 is the year we will get a Republican President in the White House and take our beloved country back.


For as long as I can remember, each presidential election cycle has been the “most important in our lifetime.”  Never before has that statement been truer than in 2016.  Now our lives and our future is at stake more than ever and that is reflected in the 50%, 70%, and in some cases 100% increase in the people voting in the primaries so far in all states across this great country.


Locally we have more good people offering themselves to serve.  And although all cannot win I want to commend them, and their families, for the fact they are willing because good government starts at the local level first.  Thank you and come join us at William County Republican Women.

Pam Sherrin